Innovative products

Create products and experiences that wow with Design. Learn how to reduce friction with your design teams, elevate communication and collaboration, and inspire innovation to create intuitive products that solve market problems and exceed user expectations.

The product manager’s guide to leveraging design

Demystifying Design

Demystifying design

Understand design capabilities and approaches so you can work effectively with designers and navigate the problem and solution spaces with ease.


Build a strong partnership

Align design and product teams around user and business context so that the solutions generated exceed the expectations of all.

Foster Innovation

Foster innovation

Encourage the creation and exploration of multiple concepts to find the most innovative solution to pursue. Create an environment for productive feedback that helps refine the direction along the way.

Have a dedicated designer or design team?

With the tools and skills you’ll learn in Design, you can:

  • Reduce friction and build trust with your design colleagues
  • Integrate your designers into the product development process at all the right moments
  • Provide the right information and context at the right time
  • Spend more time on strategy than execution and limit rework
  • Capitalize on the full range of design capabilities at your disposal

Work with a different designer for each product?

Design will give you the knowledge you need to:

  • Better understand design processes so you can integrate them into product development
  • More clearly and confidently communicate with designers about product process and vision
  • Ensure you have the right designer working with your team
  • Provide information and context quickly and effectively

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The Importance of Design for Product Managers

Design and product are powerful partners in the journey toward market-winning solutions. Our Co-Director of Design Practice Shannon McGarity joins VP of Marketing and Product Strategy Rebecca Kalogeris to discuss Pragmatic's new design offering and the synergy between product management and design.

Connect + Grow

When you purchase Design, you’ll receive a complimentary, one-year membership to the Pragmatic Alumni Community. Here, you can:

  • Connect and network with product professionals around the world who understand and have experienced your same issues
  • Get expert advice from industry legends (like the Pragmatic instructor team)
  • Access the largest library of curated resources available today

What Others Are Saying

“After taking Pragmatic training I now know how to collaborate with others in the creative/design process.”

Developer/Engineer, Small Business Electronics Company

“We have been able to align our products to customer needs in a much more focused manner. This allows us to shorten our design cycles and deliver products that are purposeful.”

Product Manager, Large Enterprise Electronics Company

“After taking Pragmatic training we can now focus on customer problems, rather than features you heard the customer wanted through sales. This has allowed us to confidently stand behind our product design and drive the product direction forward.”

Product Manager, S&P 500 Financial Services Company

“The Pragmatic training has helped me to approach product development in an entirely different and much more sensible and logical way. We now create design for our customers first, understanding the market and their pain points, then building what they need.”

Sarah Butler, Product Owner, Australia

“Implementing the Pragmatic Institute techniques here at my company has really helped us stay focused on building products that solve market problems. Our entire design process was revamped to include these techniques and we’ve enjoyed great success.”

Jonathan Harrell, Director of Product at TraceSecurity

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