Transform Your Team with Outcome-Based Learning

Take what your team learned in class and put it into practice by creating a real deliverable for your organization with the help of Pragmatic Labs.

With our industry-trusted facilitators and proven methodology, you’ll get the outcomes you need while your team masters repeatable skills they can use over and over again. Take what you learned in your Pragmatic training and put it into action for your whole team with our lean-in approach, which encourages total participation.

  • Turn your team’s training into actionable results
  • Get hands-on, repeatable skills that matter
  • Build a working deliverable for your product, portfolio or company

This Isn’t a One-and-Done Kind of Exercise

Pragmatic Labs are specifically designed to give your team the repeatable skills they need to achieve greatness over and over and over again.
Lean-In Labs

No wallflowers allowed here! Our labs require active participation from the whole team.

Upskilled Teams

Why hire a consultant to do the work for you, when you can upskill your entire team while completing the work?

Business Outcome

Our proven process will provide your team with the skills they need to transform your business.

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Industry-Trusted Facilitators

While typical providers “consult,” “dictate” or “coach,” our experts facilitate. Our trusted facilitators aren’t experts in your market—and they don’t pretend to be. That’s your expertise. Instead, our facilitators are experts in the proven process that will get you the outcomes you need. Your team will learn that proven process, setting them up to do it successfully, time and time again.


From defining your team’s roles to building your own NIHITO program to setting the right price for your products, our labs cover the most important topics.
Create clear definitions for each product role, and evaluate your current capabilities and efforts.
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Identify your organization’s unique characteristics, define your personas and position your product, your line or your company to win in the market.
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Learn a proven method to analyze projects and opportunities, measure against the right metrics, commit to a roadmap and more.
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Enhance any of your labs with data from a series of internal and external interviews that provide fresh insights and market context to your product.

Prioritize outbound projects based on the right elements, understand your position in the market landscape and create a solid product marketing plan.
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Create your own NIHITO program by understanding how to research and identify goals, build interview skills and analyze your findings.
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Understand how your customers perceive value in your products and define the right pricing and segmentation strategy for your company.
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Lab Description

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Roles Planning 

The clarity that your team has been looking for.

The Roles Planning Lab helps your team clearly understand the activities you’re focusing on and whether they are, in fact, the most important. Identify performance gaps that are keeping you from succeeding. Outline roles and responsibilities so you can confidently assign new tasks in the future. Make a plan for improving your processes and skills as needed. Gain greater efficiency throughout your team, and watch it spread to the rest of your organization.


This workshop is perfect for team leaders in product management, product marketing and adjacent departments. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Foundations.

“83% of surveyed organizations have been able to gain a better understanding of product roles within their Pragmatic Institute courses.”



  • Assess the importance of every activity
  • Evaluate execution success
  • Define responsibility areas
  • Clearly define product roles
  • Identify performance and skills gaps
  • Create an action plan and next steps for the future


Develop a guide that helps your entire organization connect with your market.

The Positioning Lab gives your team a thorough understanding of how to effectively position your product, portfolio or company to a specific persona. Begin by identifying your organization’s distinctive competencies—the unique attributes that differentiate you from your competitors—to ensure that everything you produce aligns with and enhances those characteristics. Identify the most important target persona for your product, portfolio or company, and articulate that persona. Define your problem-oriented capabilities and build a positioning document to guide
your team.


This workshop is perfect for product management, product marketing and crossfunctional leaders who can bring both an understanding of the market and of the product to the discussion. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Foundations.

“The concept of focusing on clear market problems is easy to describe and get buy-in on from product management and sales. This has made it easier to craft our messaging and get buy-in on that as well.”



  • Identify and articulate distinctive competencies
  • Identify and define primary target persona
  • Persona documentation
  • Create problem-oriented features
  • Build a positioning document


Get your organization on board with your product priorities.

Identify the gaps in your organizational capabilities that hinder your product success.

The Product Prioritization & Planning Lab guides your team through a series of exercises to help you prioritize your product plans, and get everyone on the same page. Commit to a product roadmap that clearly lays out a plan of attack without tying you to unrealistic deadlines. Practice a repeatable process for the future so you, your team, and your organization can feel confident in your future roadmaps and planning.


This workshop is perfect for product marketing, marketing communications, product management, and cross-functional leadership. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Foundations.

“55% of surveyed organizations have been able to increase confidence in their roadmap by taking Pragmatic Institute courses.”



  • Project and opportunity analysis
  • Prioritization strategy
  • Project visibility with strategy matrix
  • Focused strategy
  • Organizational capabilities gap analysis
  • Roadmap commitment
  • Repeatable processes

Product Marketing Prioritization 

Help your product marketing team prioritize and analyze their projects based on the right metrics.
Build market-driven product marketing roadmaps that are clear and specific while also being agile and flexible to work in the real world.

The Product Marketing Prioritization Lab guides your team through a proven method for identifying and analyzing your current and future product marketing projects and opportunities. Prioritize your marketing projects based on corporate strategy, the market, the competitive landscape and other essential elements. Understand which purpose each activity serves, and commit to a roadmap that works.


This workshop is perfect for product marketing, marketing communications, product management and cross-functional leadership. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Foundations.

“We now have clear, unambiguous, business-case driven roadmaps. They are shared across the business and we have consistency in our direction and messaging.”



  • Prioritize outbound marketing projects
  • Utilize the strategy matrix
  • Analyze the market landscape
  • Use the project application matrix
  • Understand the purpose and goal of every project
  • Commit to the roadmap

Market Discovery 

After taking Pragmatic training, you know how important it is to talk to your market.

The Market Discovery Lab is ideal for any team that really wants to understand their markets and set up a NIHITO/market research program. Learn how to best define your research strategies and objectives. Practice your interviewing skills before jumping into a live interview with a real customer. Your team will then analyze your data and validate your insights so you can find the best ways to affect change within your organization.


This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to set up their own NIHITO program and should include those individuals who will be performing the research and the sponsors. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Foundations.

“I learned that nothing good ever happens in the office. You have to get out and talk, not only to your customers but to the market as well.”



  • Define research objectives
  • Set research topics
  • Build target profile
  • Plan interview questions
  • Identify interview targets
  • Plan interviewing
  • Analyze the data
  • Validate your insights
  • Share your results


If you’ve taken Pragmatic Institute’s Price course, then you already know that a 1% improvement in your pricing can lead to a 10% increase in profit.

The Pricing Lab takes what you learned in Pragmatic’s Price course and puts it into practical application for your company. Your team will collect and analyze market data to see how your market perceives value in your products and services. This lab will help you find the right pricing segmentation strategy for your organization and guide you through creating a pricing plan so you can change the price of your products in the future with ease and clarity. If you’re ready to reduce the number of discounts your sales team offers, you need the Pricing Lab.


This workshop is perfect for anyone who is part of the pricing process or influences pricing at your company. Maximum of 12 attendees.

This lab expands on ideas taught in Price.

“The Price class was really helpful in understanding how price and value are connected ... It helped me double the revenue in one of our under performing products in less than 6 months.”



  • Understand how buyers perceive your value
  • Communicate that value to sales team
  • Create a pricing segmentation strategy
  • Determine which costs matter in pricing
  • Form plans for raising/lowering prices